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Hair Loss

Hairloss services

The overwhelming, demoralizing effects of hair loss can never be underestimated. Fortunately, sufferers of such can now consider Racoon’s restorative service called Hair in Recovery, designed to make them look and feel better. It’s a unique hair extensions programme specifically designed for people who’ve lost their hair as a side effect from chemotherapy, those who have suffered hair loss following medical issues or have very fine thinning hair. Sensitive application of Racoon’s Luxe Bonds means those affected can be given an excellent style to help regain confidence and boost self-esteem.

Providing bespoke services in comfort of a private room for people suffering from hairloss.

Services include:

Hair replacement systems
Wig customising
Hair pieces

Hair in recovery services for:

Medical hairloss
Post chemo
Female pattern balding




Having breast cancer is tough but losing my hair to chemotherapy was one of the worst things about the disease; losing it felt like losing my identity and confidence too. Even worse, having no hair was a signal to others that I was ill and I desperately didn’t want to be seen as a cancer victim. I shaved off all of my hair as the end of treatment approached – but all I wanted was my hair back.

Thankfully, six months after treatment, my hair was long enough for extensions and after researching, I discovered Racoon’s Hair in Recovery system and approached Jenna, a Racoon trained Hair in Recovery specialist for a consultation. I was so nervous going to a salon I didn’t know and showing a hairdresser who I wasn’t

familiar with my hair – or rather lack of it. From the minute I stepped through the salon door I was put immediately at ease and there were no pitying looks. For Jenna, it was a normal day and that’s how she made me feel, just a regular day, comfortable and relaxed.

Once Jenna had explained the process and aftercare – I was sold! Even so, on the day of application, I was nervous, was convinced I’d hate them, that the bonds would show and that everybody would ‘know’ I had extensions in. How wrong I was. The Luxe Bonds were totally invisible and looking in the mirror, seeing myself with lovely long hair again made me cry with happiness. I immediately felt confident and well on the road to normality.

Having Racoon extensions brought sunlight and confidence back to my life whereas previously I’d been feeling very dark and wanting to hide away. After a year of wearing extensions, my hair had grown long enough to go without. Once the Luxe Bonds were removed, there was absolutely no damage to my hair, it was in great condition and I have no hesitation in recommending Racoon’s Hair in Recovery service to others with a similar need.



“Racoon’s extensions are scientifically proven not to damage hair. The company’s products and training system are second-to-none in the extensions market; no one else goes to the extent Racoon International does to ensure the health of the clients’ hair and scalp.”
Iain Sallis M.I.T – Consultant Trichologist


A volumizer is a healthy semi permanent hair enhancement .Suitable for clients suffering from acute hair loss. This system unique system is easy to apply by professional hairdresser wear for 5/6 weeks then removal and reapply .They can also be worn with added hair extensions if needed ,for extra length and fullness.

The volumizer can be worn for up to 12 months with professional removal and reapplication every 5/6 weeks. A consultation with Jenna is required before any price can be given as it varies as its bespoke service .


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